The basics of apartment living

Selling and purchasing a car in the Philippines

The basics of apartment living

The Up’s and Down’s of Selling and Purchasing a Car

The basics of apartment living
Having your own car seems like a necessity in the Philippines. While public transportation such as jeepneys, trains, buses and tricycles are available, the traffic condition and air pollution in many places, especially Manila has rendered public commute rather inconvenient. Such a situation appears to be the opposite in Tokyo, where I experienced living for almost 4 years. In Tokyo, the public transport is highly developed. All places seem to be accessible by train. In fact, tourists will probably not have a hard time moving around as long as they bring a train map and they know the directions to their destination.
Our small family of 3 owns a modest 2006 Honda City. It was purchased second hand also in 2006, but was in very good working condition. Except for a few scratches on the dashboard and front seats, it was almost like brand new at that time, with hardly any major engine problem. This coming April, we would have owned this car for almost 7 years. It has more signs now of wear and tear, and has exhibited inefficiencies here and there. Overall, however, I would say it still serves us well.
From time to time, my husband and I would think about selling our old car for a new model, considering how easy it is nowadays to avail of auto loans from banks, not to mention the many freebies one could avail of like free auto insurance, and other not so car-related but equally fun to receive items like umbrella, picnic table etc. There was even one time last year we almost purchased a new car. We inquired with a bank and got a loan approved after 3 days. Easy! But then after much thought, we decided against it. After long discussions on the pros and cons, we realize we have not come up with a compelling reason to sell our existing car and purchase a new one.
Selling our old and purchasing a new car would still cross our mind these days. After all, many say 6 to 7 years is the average life span of any car, trouble-free. We may re-consider purchasing a new car in the future. But as long as this old buddy of ours drives fine, we may have to wait for that one good compelling reason to come along.

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